The aim of Ethnoentomology is to become a truly international forum for the study of the cultural imprints of insects. To achieve this, we made the journal open access, online and English written. To further help us comply with our mission, all English abstract are also translated into Interslavic by our editorial board. Interslavic (Neoslavonic) is an artificial language constructed to ease the dissemination of knowledge between speakers of all Slavic languages. As of now, there are about 293 million people that speak Slavic languages such as Russian, Slovenian, Polish or Czech. Interslavic can be generally understood without any prior learning by anyone that knows at least one Slavic language. Furthermore, it is extremely simple, easy to master and for many readers with poorer understanding of English, Interslavic is a fine alternative. To learn more about Interslavic, visit


We believe that this will make Ethnoentomology ​truly international in appeal and in the future, we would like to expand further and translate our abstracts into more international languages.