Beetles on stamps
Žuželky na pečatech



Abstract: A short history of Coleoptera shown on stamps is given. All sets featuring beetles published since 1948, when Chile issued the first three stamps with Chiasognathus grantii (Lucanidae), are presented up to the 1960s. The general part is followed by a systematic review of the species shown on the stamps. A comprehensive list of stamps with beetles of the subfamilies Cicindelinae and Carabinae is provided and these stamps are illustrated.

Abstrakcijny: Jest podan kratki opis istorije Coleopter na markach. Vsechny sostavy marek sodržajici žuželky od roku 1948, kda byly izpustiny prve tri marki s Chiasognathus grantii (Lucanidae) v Čile, aždo 60. lat 20. stoletje. Generalna čast' paperu jest podan sistematičny izkazanje odrod na markach. Kompletny pregled Cicindelinae a Carabinae iz čeľade Carabidae s obrazky jest sostaven.

Keywords: Coleoptera, Cicindelinae, Carabinae, philately, stamps, postal history, world

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Ethnoentomology 2017

Volume: 1

Page range: 52–72

First published online: 28.3.2017