Edible insect of the Teke people in the Republic of Congo
Jedlive insekty naroda Teke v Republikě Konga



Abstract: For thousands of years, insects have formed an important part of the diet of the Teke ethnic group living in the Plateaux Department of the Republic of Congo in Central Africa. In total, 23 species of edible insects were registered. The most widely consumed are the members of the orders Orthoptera, Lepidoptera, and Coleoptera. The edible species are listed, together with their names in Teke.

Abstrakcijny: V těčenji tysęćev lět insekty tvorili važnų čęsť diety etničnoj grupy Teke živųćej v kongyjskym departamentě Plateaux v Centralnoj Afrikě. Vkupě zapisane byli 23 vidy jedlivyh insektov. Najvęće jedanyh insektov jest iz ręda Orthoptera, Lepidoptera i Coleoptera. Jedlive vidy insektov sųt tu spisane s jih imenami v języku Teke

Keywords: medieval beekeepers, manuscript illuminations, Byzantium–South Italy–West (central Europe), protection, clothing, implements

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Please cite as: Tchibozo, S. Edible insect of the Teke people in the Republic of Congo. Ethnoentomology 3, pp. 16–17, 2019. 

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Ethnoentomology 2019

Volume: 3

Page range: 16–17

First published online: 21.4.2019