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Dear reader, you are now viewing the first volume of the journal Ethnoentomology. The scope of Ethnoentomology includes but is not restricted to the history of entomology, history of apiculture, sericulture, pest management, entomophagy, taxonomy, historical insect biogeography, influences of insects in art, religion, music, folklore, medicine, literature, philosophy and countless other areas. To our knowledge, we are the only active journal in the world to specialise in this regard. By implementing modern open-access policies and utilising zonal constructed languages, we strive to provide an open forum of research available to anyone on the internet around the world free of any charge.

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Contact information: ethnoentomology@email.cz

Please cite as: Tihelka, E. Editorial. Ethnoentomology 1, p. 5, 2017. 

Ethnoentomology 2017

Volume: 1

Page range: 5

First published online: 22.12.2016