Insects in cinematography: the first ever international bee film festival held in Prague
Šestinožky a kinematografie: Prvy festival pčelarskeho filmu vo Prage


For Centuries, human cultures around the globe adorned and feared insects as an ever-present source of food, medicine, as well as carriers of deadly diseases and competitors for food. More subtly, yet importantly, insects also served and continue to serve a role in entertainment. With the emergence of cinematography, insects became a subject of film. The influence of insects on the film industry has faced only little study in the past. Most such studies focused on insects in horror movies. These "big bug" movies first emerged in the 1950s in the Americas and showed insects as a dislikeable and dangerous. Meanwhile, in some communistic states of Europe, the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) was depicted as a deadly agricultural pest by the media, that was supposedly dropped on the territory from American bombers as a means of biological warfare. These and other negative portraits of insects in media, including exaggerated accounts on "killer bees", poisonous arachnids and giant grasshoppers can explain the prevailing negativistic and dominionistic view on insects held by the general public.

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