The scope of Ethnoentomology includes but is not restricted to the history of entomology, history of apiculture, sericulture, pest management, entomophagy, taxonomy, historical insect biogeography, influences of insects in art, religion, music, folklore, medicine, literature, philosophy and countless other areas. Contributions on other arthropods are also welcome. Emphasis is put on original peer reviewed papers (research articles, reviews and forum articles) as well as on relevant personalia, book reviews and information on recent research activities of various departments and individuals. The language ​of publication is English. The journal's open access policy means that the authors publish free of any charge and their work is freely available on the internet. All contributions are peer-reviewed by external experts. All papers are treated as individual issues and are published irregularly throughout the year. A special print edition is published at the end of each year. If you are unsure about your manuscript or have any questions, feel free to contact the editor.
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Abbreviation:                                Ethnoentomol.

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