Traditional wax and honey presses of Southeastern Europe
Tradicijne presy na vosk a med v južnovzhodne Evrope


Hellenic Scientific Society of Apiculture & Sericulture, GREECE


Abstract: Traditional wax and honey presses were used in Southeastern Europe, mainly in areas were beekeeping was widespread and consequent production of apiculture products was relatively high. Similar constructions have been documented in Bulgaria, Greece, and Cyprus and some have survived to this day, now in the hands of museums or private citizens. The oldest mention of a wax press in our area of interest concerns the island of Thassos in the Northern Aegean Sea and dates to the middle of the 19th century. The presses were of various types but most had one central rotary/screw press. However, this does not exclude constructions which had two similar presses, or others where the pressure was applied in other ways. Usually these presses were used only to extract one product, either the wax or the honey, but there have been cases documented where the same construction was used to extract the wax initially and then the honey. The use of these traditional wax and honey presses was gradually abandoned with the shift of the beekeepers in the area to the modern beehive and the accompanying tools that its use requires.

Abstrakcijny: Tradicijne presy na vosk a med byli uživane v južnovzhodne Evrope glåvno v oblasťah kde bylo råzširjeno pčelarstvo a tim padem i proizvodstvo pčelich produktov. Tyto konstrukcije suť znany z Bulgarie, Grecije a Kipru. Něktore přežili do dnes vo muzejah a privatnych sbornikach. Najstarši spominka o voskovich presah z toj oblasti jest z ostrova Thassos v sěvernem Agejskem morji a datuje se do posrědu 19. stolětje. Presi boli råznych vzoru ale najčestěje se skladali iz srednego šruba. Druge konstrukcije tvorili tisk inymi sposobami. Obyčajne sa pres užival po ekstragci le jednogo produktu, ale suť dokumentovane i presy uživane pro vytęženi vosku a potom medu. Upotrebjeny pro tute tradicijne presy na vosk a med se počinali poděti s přesunutim k modernym uljim i instrumentom.

Keywords: singing insects, Orthoptera, prices, newspapers, modern monarchical period, Japan

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Ethnoentomology 2017

Volume: 1

Page range: 73–82

First published online: 19.8.2017